Founded in 1990, Sobacor inc, is a company which has acquired a solid reputation for designing and building high-quality tooling.

Among the products of Sobacor inc.are hydraulic manifold blocks and molds to produce parts for application in aerospace, aircraft, military and electronic fields.

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Equipped with CADCAM system, CADKEY and MASTERCAM, the company is able to design and produce very complex parts.

The company is staffed with designers who have the practical experience and competent knowledge in designing of molds, as well as fixtures, jigs and hydraulic manifolds designing. In the toolroom, highly skilled toolmakers have all the equipment needed to assure a high degree of accuracy.

The toolroom is equipped with:

Sobacor commitment to serve their customers by giving them high quality inspected parts and on time delivery.

We already manufacture molds and hydraulic manifolds for well-known companies.

We would be pleased to submit our quotations on jobs whenever the need arises.

Further information can be given upon request.